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Our goal at Winona Community Acupuncture is to provide high quality, affordable acupuncture treatments to as many people as possible. Treatments are provided in a peaceful community space and are individualized to your specific needs. The community treatment model has many benefits beyond being more affordable. Many people find it comforting to have others around rather than being isolated in a private room. The group treatment room creates a collective healing that enhances the power of each individual's treatment, and it allows friends and family to visit our clinic together. 

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About Acupuncture

Acupuncture is one of the oldest, most common, and dependable medical therapies in the world. It is by nature simple, safe, and effective. Acupuncturists use thin, sterile, one-time-use needles inserted superficially into specific areas of the body in order to stimulate the body's ability to heal itself. 

Our experience tells us that acupuncture can reliably and safely decrease pain and inflammation, quiet spasms, boost immunity, dispel migraines, regulate hormones, cut recovery time from surgery, calm anxiety, lift depression, induce labor, restore mobility, improve digestion, and create a deep feeling of rest. 

Acupuncture will normally cause people to feel sleepy during the time of treatment. In our treatment space you'll find family, friends, and neighbors literally napping together as they work towards goals of better health, less pain, and relief from stress. 

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